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HI! I'm Abbie!


I am 22 years old and graduated from Ivy Tech for Visual Communications! I have always loved art and creating. Ever since I can remember I have been doing something creative. From drawing, painting, crafts, and now this! This field felt natural to fall into!


When I was in high school I wasn't sure what field I wanted to go into, but I knew it had to have the ability to create. I loved creating videos for my high school's football team and student section. The editing process was so fun to me!

I didn't start out in Visual Communications though. I started over at Purdue Fort Wayne for Interior Design, but quickly realized I wanted to be out filming and editing.

"Having Abbie as the videographer for my wedding was an absolute dream come true. From the time I first contacted her, to the meeting in between, and on the wedding day she was AMAZING to work with. You can tell that she truly cares, is happy to be a part of such a special day, and is incredibly talented. Abbie was able to take so many memories and small moments from the most important and beautiful day of my husband and I’s lives and fit it into a 5 minute video. Our wedding video was everything we could have asked for, Abbie perfectly portrayed all of the love, joy, laughter, happy tears, excitement, and fun that encompassed our wedding day. I can’t even watch the video without crying happy tears because ALL of the emotions come flooding back. Not only did she make the most perfect wedding video, but on the wedding day she was the ultimate hype girl, always willing to help with anything, and such a calm presence to have around on a day that can be stressful. I can’t imagine our wedding day without Abbie being a part of it. I can only hope to work with her again in the future for all of the big life events!"
-Kenzie Miller

WHY I love WHAT I do

Being able to storytell through the video process is something I love! Getting to know the person and vision before touching the camera, and being able to connect. Having a relationship and setting that in place first helps with the rest of the process. I love getting to meet new people.

Every project is different. They all come with different ideas, perspectives, and needs. Getting to try a new angle, concept, and approach makes this job so interesting! There is so much room for creativity and conveying concepts. The filming process allows for new ideas!

The editing process is another part of the filming process that I love! Being able to add music that conveys a feeling or emotion without needing to use words is important! This can make or break a video, and finding the right song is an amazing feeling. The way putting certain clips together to line up with the beat and feeling can draw so much to a video. Not to forget audio! Audio of a subject speaking adds something special and unique to a video. It can draw in even more emotion. Putting all the these parts together creates a unique and special story. Something to relive over and over again. Video is great for bringing back memories and experiences!

Now that you know a little about me...
I would love to learn about you!

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